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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 17:22:20 +0000

Just a quick note to introduce myself

I am working for Wedgwood, ceramics manufacturer in Stoke on Trent, UK
currently on a BPR project though my background is in FMCG mrketing. I
have been interested in 5th Discipline, complexity, NLP and other systems
and creativity subjects for a number of years. I am currently trying to
introduce these ideas to my company as I passionately believe they can
contribute enormously to the success of the company and the happiness of
its employees.

Currently I am working on a personal project with HR Director on NLP to
help change management programmes and soon will be trying to get Financial
Director interested in using system dynamics and modelling, management
flight simulators to assist in Strategic planning process. However it is
early days!

I am interested in strategies, tips and strategies towards achieving this
goal. I am also interested in making contact with UK based individuals,
maybe to organise take part in a self help support network?.

I will try to keep in touch with the list as much as possible. But as we
still only have one corporate internet access point and we are abpout to
go into implementation on my project (New Product Introductions Process),
it may not be easy.

My suppose my personal mission goal is to be a catalyst for encouraging
the personal growth, development and learning of those with whom I have
contact. Through these interactions and relationships I myself will grow,
develop and learn about life.

The internet is just another medium


Martin Silcock

Look forward to interesting


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