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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 11:00:00

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>>Your insight is even more important than whatever I was missing. Thank you.
>>Now I have a new question: How can we know when a
>>systemic intervention is helpful and when it isn't?
>One cannot KNOW when a systemic intervention is going to be helpfull or.
>But most of the time, you get a kind of hunch, or instinctively you know
>that this or that has to be said or done here

There is a book just published by Barbara Bunker and Billie T. Alban
called Large Scale Interventions, published by Jossey Bass ISBN
0-787903-24-8 which describes 11 different approches to whole system
intervention. It gives a variety of examples of situtaions where
organisations in the USA private and public sectors have used these ways
of intervening.

You might find this of help in throwing more light the question of when
and how to intervene.


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