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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
18 Sep 96 21:11:56 EDT

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"Majola J.H.Oosthuizen" <> asks:
>I refer to Doug Simpson's interest in LO/IT/BPR synergy and his request
>to know who else has interests in the field.
>My interest and research is not quite in the LO/IT/BPR intersection, but
>in the intersection between organisational strategy making and computers.
>I also went along the object oriented, simulation, BPR and LO paths...

I think of BPR as a horizontal initiative, cutting across functional
hierarchies to gain leverage, often at the expense of people's comfort

LO will exist at all levels but its greatest leverage will occur when the
learning at the front lines is shared in a horizontal AND vertical way AND
action is taken based on that learning AND the results of that action are
measured so that the organization at all levels can learn.

This is different because it is integrated both ways, tied to action and
has a self-correcting feedback (double loop) learning.

OO, simulations and business games are simply tools to aid in a narrow
portion of that learning. IMHO more learning can happen using these tools
effectively with the front lines than anywhere else. IT is just a handy
way of implementing the learning.

For the fun of it! ... Keith


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