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Thomas P Benjamin (BENJAMIN@anand.nddb.ernet.in)
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 14:38:50 +0530

There were several contributions to the role of conflict. There aren't
any recently. I have read Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff's book on
Future Search. Also, Rob Nelson has given me a brief about the
methodology. Rob is a Canadian(rnelson@islandnet.com). He runs a
consultancy firm - Interact Consultants. Rob has facilitated future search

>From my learning about the method, Future Search focusses on identifying
common ground rather than resolving conflicts. I have text book
knowledge, but no experience in how it actually works. After reading some
of the postings in this list on the nature of conflict resolution, I now
have doubts about the promise Future Search offers about avoiding problem
solving and conflicts.

Future Search as a technique has promise. Christopher Schoch has reported
its use in India. But successful "using" is not the same as the questions
I have?

Meetings can get bogged down by conflicting views. Apparently the tasks
in the Future Search conference generates a productive group dynamic
overcoming the limitations in say Organisational Development. Is this
really true. How? What is your explanation for this phenomenon? What is
the role of conflicts here?

I would appreciate some reinforcing dialogue from any one who has also
experienced the conference on a definite theme.

Thomas P Benjamin

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