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In LO9943, Michael McMaster wrote...

> What is consistent with intelligent beings and organisational learning, is
> that people need to be able to understand or make sense of what is being
> proposed. This is a learning and development process rather than a
> "telling".
> I maintain that what people want is a future that they can value and
> participate in - not "better benefits".

Agree Michael. Somehow in the age of talk of systems, chaos theory, wrold
competition, etc., I feel we lose sight of some basics about the human
being. People who have not been beaten down enough to permanently "leave
their heart in the car" (Fred Koffman) really want to make a difference -
participate in creating something of value to them. Sounds selfish but
what better way to give to others than to give what one truly feels
passionate about.

A company takes a new direction. It may or not be one that I want to be a
partner in. From what I want to create, my true passion can get totally
be directed. If my company used to be superior at creating new widgets
and takes the direction of lowest cost, average widgets, it may not be in
my personal vision to feel anything about average widgets, or maybe I even
feel negative about the change. No amount of 'sales' from my superior(?)
can convince my to move from my values. And my values lead me where I
want to go.

Learning about the change can only assist me in determining my level of
commitment. Even if benefits means - better environment for working,
broader job, different challenges, more security, if it carries no meaning
for me in the future I desire to create, I am not interested. So say many
of the people who leave jobs, secure jobs, to try something new.

Take care and have a great day!!

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