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In LO9986, John O'Neill wrote:

> Organisation's grow and die in different cycles. There is the start-up, full
> of life and energy. There is the maturing phase where things become routine
> and bureaucratic. Then there is the death cycle where the organisation goes
> out of business.
> (Other text here)
> Is it because the downsizing strategy has been so successful that management
> want to continue this strategy?

Has it been successful? We shall see. Downsizing articles I have read
point to most (70+ per cent) companies not being any more successful
financially than they were prior to downsizing. Management by fad says do
what your network "board members" are doing. Gary Hamel even talked about
the "leming approach" by management at the Sustaining Transformational
Change Conference. Companies are so "unique" they even hire the same sets
of consultants to help them get ahead of their competitors(who are doing
the same thing they are)

> How do you keep an organisation healthy and retain the ability to cylce =
> through different CEOs at different points in a organisations life?

Maybe someone can give a reference here. An article or book published
within the past year talked about successful companies as Visionary
Companies. Yes, visionary companies without the CEO necessarily being a
visionary CEO. If I remember correctly, the vein that ran through the
article would be something we might refer to as Shared Vision, across the
company. And, it was about long-term success. Can we get manager's to
believe this in today's world? It is a curious question many of us are
working on. ----- Does someone remember the source for Joe to reference?

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