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Mon, 16 Sep 1996 20:12:54 -0400

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> my direct reports meet with me periodically, and we have
> conversations about things they are struggling with. These conversations
> sometimes result in a mutual agreement to pursue some course of action,
> and attempt to learn from the consequences. We call these responsible
> experiments, and we track them like little projects. Later, we try to
> reach agreement on what we have learned if anything, and frequently we
> share the learnings with others.
> Is this evaluation, judgement, and feedback? I guess so. I think of it
> as applying the scientific method to 'life'. It's actually fun, and it is
> a success as long as people are willing to think, analyze, learn, and try.


I really liked your "responsible experiments" concept and the regular
discussions in which they are formulated. I would think that the
willingness of people to "think, analyze, learn, and try" is a big factor,
though, and I would also guess that you have created a relationship with
your supervisees in which they feel comfortable to explore and expose
areas that they are not sure about.

I wonder if you might comment on how you established that relationship at
first, and how you address the issue with the individuals who lag behind
in their trust and their willingness to participate in the process.



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