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Mon, 16 Sep 96 12:36:46 AST

I am currently taking a graduate course entitled the "Educative
Workplace". The course began with a discussion of what work really is.
We are now embroiled in a discussion of whether the workplace in fact
can support the development of participation, socialization,
self-realization and learning. Or are the structures and boundaries
around work so limiting that development in these areas must take
place in other venues (leisure, community etc). I am finding it
difficult to respond to the discussion perhaps because I find my own
work situation quite liberating and empowering. However, I understand
that I am looking at this issue from a priviledged viewpoint. I am
well educated and work in a health care centre at a white collar
administrative job with a tremendous amount of autonomy. I am not sure
if the employees of my instituion who work in the kitchen or laundry
feel the same way. Or if our organization can provide them with
similar developmental and empowering experiences? How do the rest of
you interpret "learning" as a central focus of the organization and is
it possible to develop a learning culture across the organization?

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