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You asked about moving bureaucratic organizations toward

Salespeople all know that the only thing they have to sell is the PROMISE

In order to draw the organization toward principle-centeredness, you must
somehow create the vision of future benefit. In order to push them in
that direction, you will need less creativity, but far effort.

It seems that the key question is, "Who are the stakeholders in this
matter?" (Be sure to list ALL of them, there are many.)

Follow that up with, "Why change?" In the vernacular of the South, we
call this the WIIFM (What's in it for me?)

Without a compelling reason to change, most will not. Using the work of
Price Pritchett, I have helped many groups come to terms with the reality
that job continuance is all one can hope for, but then that is a lot these
days. Trouble is, most people have no earthly idea how much trouble their
organizations are in.

Good luck.

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