Characteristics of Systemic Interventions LO9966

Dale Emery (72704.1550@CompuServe.COM)
14 Sep 96 14:18:38 EDT

Replying to LO9914 --


You wrote, "Perhaps you miss the fact that interventions always are
situation related and that every effort to systemice it, at the best,
gives an insight of the past , namely of THAT particular situation? Why
are we so eger to systemice everything we've done?"

Your insight is even more important than whatever I was missing. Thank
you. Now I have a new question: How can we know when a systemic
intervention is helpful and when it isn't?

I'm wondering about your use of "at the best." I see understanding the
past (whatever led to the present situation), as extraordinarily important
in designing interventions. Do you have a different view?



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