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Rol wrote:

> Culture is similar to If's memes, I think, but I am still unsure about
> that. I would be very interested to hear the distinctions between
> culture and memes. I suspect we might define 'culture' to be the
> shared memes of a people or group. We might also define culture
> to be the implicit systemic structures of a people or group. All of
> these definitions make sense to me.

A meme is a way of transmitting culture. It is an idea, a song, a trend, a
fashion, anything that contributes to or defines our culture. Just like
the human body is made up of a bunch of cells, with each cell having its
own genetic code, so culture is ma de up of a bunch ideas, with each idea
having its own memetic code.

Cells replicate, and memes replicate. Some ideas replicate because their
inherently valuable to the culture; other genes replicate because their
good at replicating. I think the rationality and discernment of those
within the culture should have more to d o with the replication of memes
than it appears it does today.

If and Aurthur can probably provide additional context and meaning.



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