Learning to Dialogue LO9926

Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
12 Sep 96 16:51:15 EDT

I am working with a small company that is committed to the principles of
the Learning Organization. They want me to help them develop skill in
using dialogue to facilitate team learning. I would like to hear from
others about exercises or learning techniques that have worked for you.

My initial thought was to solicit a group of volunteers who are eager to
develop this skill. We could begin by reading the material on the topic
in the Fieldbook. (Do any of you know of other good written material on
the topic? After meeting to discuss and build an understanding of the
concept, we could decide on exercises such as the Projector and Screens or
Blindfolds (described on p.382 - 385). Are there other exercises you have
used? Would you suggest that we work on a real life business problem
rather than a fabricated example? Would it be better to work with an
intact team than a created group of volunteers? Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!


Roxanne Abbas 75263.3305@compuserve.com

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