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>And so it isn't "self-esteem" that I seek; rather, I seek to be
>"esteemable" by others. It isn't "self-reliance" I aspire to; it is being
>"reliable." Personally, I've found this philosophy to be very beneficial
>to me. And, when I use the word "meaning" it is a special situation --
>and, it implies a significant amount of trust in the relationship.+


I would think that self-esteem and self reliance would have to precede
esteemable and reliable - if one cannot rely on one's self how can others
rely? It has been my expereince that the first value we place on a person
we newly meet is the one they place on themselves (unless they are
obviously either beaten/abused or arrogant) then we, over time, come to
our own judgements.

IMHO - know yourself before you seek to know (learn?) others.

Hal Popplewell

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