Reflection in organizations LO9912
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 21:24:16 -0400

I have just joined this listserve. I am beginning a major research
project. My proposed study is a qualitative study of the ways in which
reflection happens in organizations at three levels of the organization:
the individual, the group, the the organization as a whole.

In studying this question I will either conduct a study of two
organizations in different sectors such as healthcare and
engineering/technology and do it as a replication study. My other choice
is to find an organiation that declares itself as reflective and another
which does not state anything about reflection and study these two

My questions:

1. Does anyone know of any research (published) where this question has
been explicitly studied . . that is trying to find out what is actually
happening in organizations with regard to reflection (I realize Ineed to
define what I mean byreflection)? As I review the literature I am finding
very few actual studies conducted. Any leads here?

2) Does anyone know of an organization or two which proclaims itself
(either in its mission statement, purpose, CEO, or business plan) to
recognize the importance and primacy of reflection? If so who are they
and where are they?

3)Any general responses to my proposed study and its impact on
organization learning?

Karan Powell


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