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John Butcher (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 10:20:06 -0400 (EDT)

I have very much enjoyed reading the Learning Organization Digest over the
past week. There seems to be a wide range of perspectives and many
interesting experiences among contributors to this dialogue (yes, another
Canadian has joined in). I look forward to many more hours of satisfying
"lurking". Thanks and congratulations to Rick Karash and Charlie Kiefer
for creating this forum.

I am an independent consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario. I established my
firm, Associates in Planning, in 1989. Our focus is on process
facilitation - helping people in organizations to think more clearly and
systematically about the issues they want to address. This includes
decision-making, problem-solving, strategic and operational planning, and
just reflection. Over the past few years, most of my work has been in
facilitating national joint labour-management committees which are
tackling human resource issues at a sector level (training,
apprenticeship, succession, recruitment, etc.). I am also fortunate to
work with business associations, unions, non-profit organizations,
government agencies, and (a few) private firms. Ottawa has a good network
of process facilitators who share similar training and approaches and who
call on one another for support.

My interests are in the fields of human resource management (member of the
Human Resource Planning Society and Canadian Human Resource Planners),
public policy and administration (member of the Couchiching Institute on
Public Affairs and part of the organizing team of a Carleton University
non-credit public policy Colloquium), process facilitation and its use in
routine planning and decision-making, and organizational life in all its
variety. I look forward to continuing to learn from contributors to this
dialogue, and to making my own modest contributions in future.

John Butcher
Associates in Planning Inc.
Ottawa, Canada

-- (John Butcher)

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