LO Symposium LO9879 -San Francisco 11/1

Tue, 10 Sep 1996 14:02:05 -0700

Mobilizing Knowledge in Your Organization - Applying the Principles of
Organizational Learning

A one day symposium with Keynote Speaker Rick Ross, Co-Author of the
"Fifth Discipline Fieldbook".

Sponsored by Emergent Management Consulting, the symposium will be held on
November 1, 1996 in San Francisco, California.

Leading organizations are recognizing that their continued success lies in
their ability to leverage the existing investment in people, processes and
technology by mobilizing knowledge and applying it across traditional
organizational boundaries.

Rick Ross and Jennifer Kenny will address the challenges facing leaders
who wish to build an organization which exhibits the new success factors:
speed, innovation, integration, flexibility and the ability to mobilize
knowledge. The will discuss the competencies and practices to mobilize
knowledge to create the organization of the future.

The Five Leadership Challenges:

1. How to create a sense of urgency throughout an organization designed to
respond quickly to changing conditions.

2. How to create an organization where new ideas are constantly generated,
shared widely and acted upon.

3. How to transform the organization's culture to ensure internal
coordination, reduce "silos" , increase teamwork and collaboration to
develop alliances and partnerships.

4. How to develop the capacity of people to cope with continuous and rapid

5. How to develop the competencies and practices to mobilize knowledge to
create a competitive organization for the next century.

Rick Ross will introduce the principles and challenges of managing the
Knowledge Creation Process. He will discuss how data differs from
information, how information differs from knowledge, and how knowledge has
the potential to create organizational wisdom. Rick will present his
model of strategy based change which highlights the critical domains of
action that managers must address in order to build continual
organizational capabilities to learn faster than the competition.

Jennifer Kenny will introduce proven practices to mobilize knowledge in
organizations. These practices, designed to organizations the capacity to
create and share knowledge result in additional benefits in customer
satisfaction, trust, innovation and teamwork.

For additional details and registration, please contact:

Emergent Management Consulting
404 Bryant Street
San Francisco CA 94107

Phone: (415) 541 4099
Fax: (415) 541 0670
email: dkenny@sirius.com


Roberto Reichard emergent@sirius.com

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