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I read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (the one about the architect?) many
years ago, so I've considered people's comments about the book with
interest. I had a different slant on it that I think of often, usually
when I see several people gang up on another.

The thing I remember most about Roarke (?), the architect, was that he
was inspired and had a vision of benefit. Other, less talented, less
inspired architects noticed him, realized how good he was, and decided
he was a threat to the status quo. So a campaign, whether by spoken or
unspoken agreement, appeared, to discredit and destroy Roarke's work
and credibility.

That happened to Leonardo da Vinci, Gallileo, the Wright brothers, and
all sorts of thinkers who were ahead of their times. It pays us all to
examine those people who, at first glance, appear too weird or
threatening to be tolerated, and consider their ideas. Not every
person on a different track is a Unabomber, deserving of mob attack.
Some may be bearers of the next generation of thought.


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