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Mon, 09 Sep 96 13:44:48 EST

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Vasco Drecon said:

> If you see your idea being stormed by people who are above you, what
> is highly probable, than send it to people above them. If the rule
> applies up to shareholders, than they do not deserve better. Leave
> the company if you can.

May people have good ideas and do little with them. This is the potential
when an organization becomes a true LO. Ideas are not stormed or
surpressed, but rather shared, considered and nurtured as the potential
they are!

> But, if you are afraid of sharing your ideas because of these
> reasons: I'm close to retire (why would I rock the boat); Nothing
> would change anyway; It's not my job to do it; Some of my friends
> would not like it; Things may come the way it was.... Then PLEASE,
> restrain yourself from criticizing anybody in your company, family,
> on the road, in your dreams. Please accept: you are for sure taking
> place that belongs to somebody else; and do not dare to vent your
> frustration on your kids or your spouse. You are a cancer of society,
> and please keep feeling wasted.

Hopefully some individuals will awaken from your directness here.

> Whichever culture you end up adopting, bear in mind: Gold is ussualy
> not where it is thought to be, but if you don't seek for it, you will
> never find it.

I like the story about the farmer who heard about the diamond rush in
South Africa, sold his farm and went to South Africa where he died
penniless. One day, a salesman stopped at the farm and noticed one of the
rocks was actually a diamond in its rough form. The new owner became a
millionaire because the farm was literally littered with diamonds.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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