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Rol states:

On a closely related note, I have been promoting a distinction between
'system' and 'culture' which my dictionary describe respectively as the
organized way to accomplish a task, and the beliefs, perceptions, mental
models, and so forth of an organization. In short-hand we can very
accurately refer to these as 'task' and 'tool set'.

System Culture

an organized, repeatable way to Beliefs, perceptions, mental models, etc
accomplish a task of an organization

Task Tool set

*End of Quote*


I have been struggling to understand your differentiation between the
terms system and culture and this most recent message helped. The narrow
system definition works well for me but I'm still having trouble with the
culture definition. The word tools brings to mind a carpenter's tool box.
The word culture brings to mind the arts. I think your differentiation is
useful, but I doubt that I've fully grasped it. Keep talking.


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