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>Gary Scherling writes regarding Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."
>> I'd like to hear others viewpoint on this book.
> I read it in one sitting roughly 30 years ago (took all night, but I
> couldn't put it down).
> Once you've finished it, try reading "The Fountainhead," also by Ayn
> Regards,
> Fred Nickols

It is one of the three or four best books ever written
Fountain says exactly the same thing as Atlas
Just more concisely ... see my signature.

Of interest to this list is Rand's belief/philosophy that it is
the individual whom creates all progress *not* teams or
organizations. In a way, I agree - inventions are invented
by individuals, ideas can only occur to individuals ...
perhaps teams take these original ideas, refine and polish
them and end up producing a "better" version of the original thought.


Hal Popplewell

John Galt and Dagny are the central characters of Atlas Shrugged

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