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Sun, 8 Sep 1996 12:08:30 -0400

Jeff Brooks asks:

>Can we equate subdividing a set (in the logical/mathematical sense
>of the word) with learning, or some aspect of learning? (I think
>"knowledge-learning" could be equated with subsetting, but I'm not sure
>about "habit-learning".)

Gregory Bateson rests his model of learning to learn on set theory. While
he doesn't specifically identify subdividing a set as an aspect of
learning, I think his model presumes it. Bateson's thinking really gave me
some insight about the nature of "habit-learning". Now I'm in the process
of attempting to define a typology of learning errors organizations make
as they acquire, process, use and transfer data, information, knowledge
and competence.

If you're interested, I've just published an article on the Web that
attempts to elucidate Bateson's model and apply it to Organizational
Learning. It is on Daniel Aronson's Web page about Thinking:

Marilyn Darling
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