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5 Sep 96 10:49:26 EDT

Replying to LO9740 -- was: The Unlearning Organisation

Martin Wood stated:

>Like you, I find the concept of "un-freezing" behaviours helpful, when
>looking at making significant change.
>I am less happy about the term "re-freeze" because it implies a static
>state. If I think of a block of ice sitting on my kichen work-top, it
>stays that way for a long while before melting into a pool of water.

Much of the term "freeze/re-freeze" comes from the teachings of ODR Inc.
in Atlanta GA. At DMR when we speak of this concept in our "Effective
Skills of Change Agents" course sponsored by the DMR Institute, we use the
terms "frame/re-frame" thus eliminating the implicit notion that when we
"freeze" we cease to act in the direction of the change.

BTW, the new "trendy" words to use in lieu of "re-org" or "re-engineer"
are "redesign" or even the kinder, gentler "refresh." I have seen both
used extensively within DMR and inside our client organizations. I
suspect people were so radically changed in the late 80s/early 90s that a
milder form of change is more soothing...

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