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Replying to LO9727 -- and other nice answers

Hi Robert,
R. Lucadello wrote:

> Anyway, now I am wondering if what we are dealing with in this
> "unlearning" thread is the results, often at the organizational level, of
> the "ladder of inference" developed by Chris Argyris and included in the
> Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.

It occured to me that in stead of "unlearning" we could use "double loop
learning". A classical, functional organisation is a "learning
organisation", as it was able to adapt itself to its environment/market,
but somehow was unable to learn learning. Nowadays it will require "double
loop learning" to stay in business: based on the "Model II theory in Use"
(Argyris "Strategy, Change and Defensive Routines"), we should be able to
counter-act, or Cre-Act (c) (not act, not re-act), the defensive reasoning
and culture.

By the way, about the zen version of the mad tea party (the March Hare and
the Mad Hatter also shouted: "no room, no room"): should you add sugar
before or after pooring in the tea?

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie


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