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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
05 Sep 96 16:02:42 EDT

Replying to LO9703 --

Marion Brady <> in his thoughtful post gave me a renewed
insight into the "root cause" of the growing dysfunction within our
education system:

...most good stuff snipped
>How does one create a vision to pull others toward a new paradigm, when
>the stuff of which that vision is created is only visible from within the
>new paradigm?

Most breakthroughs look like so much common sense in hindsight. What needs
to happen is a carefully orchestrated campaign to draw people forward from
their functional paradigm roots in small enough steps that they don't feel
threatened enough to rebel at each and every step.

In the case of education, I suspect that an alternative system needs to
evolve in parallel with the older functional hierarchy and, eventually,
its success will be irrefutable. There is a parallel here with the
Japanese quality manufacturing processes. They took over 30 years to
change the world beyond Japan.

Any hope of a shorter cycle time through revolution is probably not high.
The important issue is to get that alternate system started and growing
without it being attacked and killed in its early days (like the heretics
who thought the world was round!) - I hope this makes sense. I have
observed successful change in the political arena and this seems to be the
common thread that I have discerned. FWIW...IMHO...Keith


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