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* * Ethical/moral bases of leadership
* * The spirit of service
* * Principles of spirituality-based leadership
* * Spirituality in organizations
* * Characteristics of spiritual leaders
* * The value-added of spiritual leadership
* * Cross-cultural differences in manifestations of spirit &
spirituality at work
* * Organizational culture and spirituality
* * Developing spiritual leaders in contemporary organizations

__JMS__ is accepting a variety of submissions, including empirical and
conceptual papers, integrative reviews, and applications-oriented
manuscripts, as well as case studies and book and software reviews. Five
(5) copies of each manuscript should be submitted to the editors. They
should be prepared in the format prescribed by the American Psychological
Association (4th ed.) and accompanied by the author's statement that the
manuscript has neither been published elsewhere not is being reviewed
concurrently by another journal. In addition to manuscripts, __JMS__ also
seeks nominations, including self-nominations, for the editorial review
board of this special issue of __JMS__. Nominations must be accompanied
by a copy of a current curriculum vitae, as well as a statement
highlighting areas of relevant research or practical experience.

The special issue will be guest edited by:

Drs. Alex N. Pattakos & Gary C. Alexander
c/o Creative Learning Technologies, Inc.
404 South 8th Street, Suite 224
P.O. Box 418
Boise, Idaho 83701 USA
(208) 345-4235 FAX: (208) 345 3350

Authors and reviewers should mail four (4) copies of their submissions and
curriculum vitae to Drs. Pattakos and Alexander by __January 1, 1997__.
One separate copy of the submission and curriculum vitae should be sent

Dr. Karin Klenke, Editor-in-Chief
__Journal of Management Systems__
Leadership Development Institute (LDI) International
P.O. Box 36464
Richmond, VA 23235 USA
(804) 320-5771/3324

Drs. Pattakos, Alexander, and Klenke welcome inquiries about this
forthcoming issue.

___ The Journal of Management Systems__ (JMS) is an interdisciplinary,
refereed management journal dedicated to advance theory, research, and
practice in human resource management, management information systems,
organizational management, and closely related management systems.

-- Gary C. Alexander Ph.D.

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