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Thu, 5 Sep 1996 05:32:12 -0400

Replying to LO9727 --

This is not a reply to a specific message, but to the thread in general.
It appears to me that the "unlearning" term is used fairly consistently to
refer to situations in which the "normal" or "learned" response is met
with negative feedback. (GM's strategy, tugging on the sari, etc.)

In the general case, the feedback mechanism has been reprogrammed
(informed consumer), or replaced (new CEO). In the special case, the
goals of the system have changed. The learner responds to a known dynamic.
The system responds negatively due to an added or modified variable. Once
the learner discovers the change in the system and adjusts response to the
new programming, the system responds positively again. Seems more like
learning to adjust to the dynamics of balancing and reinforcing loops than
"unlearning" to me.

Any SD modellers out there who can elaborate?

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