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>>major reasons why Microsoft is so competitive is because they hire extremely
>>intelligent people. Bill Gate's sums it up this way, "we hire the smartest
>>people, and then let them do their thing."

Does he let them self-organize into communities of practice and knowledge
exchange networks? Or does Microsoft assist with building the
interrealtionships? Is the new job for HR to help build an integrated
organizational system [as opposed to individual training and just
recruiting smart people]? IMHO, HR is too 'individual' focused and not
enough 'system' focused.

>> I have no choice but>to believe that the intelligence of the people
>>within an organization will largely>determine how quickly the organization
>>_can_ learn.

IMHO, Smart people with poor connections will result in a dumb
organization. Gates understands the importance of relationships -- he
knows that an effective network/system does NOT consist of smart nodes
only -- it's how the nodes are connected that makes the difference!
Consciously or not, he knows that "It's the connections, stupid!"

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