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Ben Compton writes:

>I think an LO can be built regardless of the intelligence of the
>individuals who comprise the organization. The issue, here, in my
>mind, is one of speed. The higher the IQ the faster people will learn
>(both individually and collectively).

I've been following the dialoge on IQ with some interest...a passionate
issue on this list. Ben, in reading this post I started thinking about an
experience I had in graduate school. One of my roommates at the time was
dating an individual in medical school. He was very bright--in fact he
was at the top of his class. He also scored very highly on his MCATs.
What stands out in particular about this individual was that he was a
complete jerk. He treated my roommate (his girlfriend) horribly and
rarely deigned to have any discussions with us mere mortals. I remember
thinking, my god, I hope I never have to have someone like this for a
doctor, if this is what the medical schools are turning out.

My point is this (yes there is one). Highly intelligent people are not
necessarily better team players or better at social interaction. Learning
organizations depend on teamwork and communication skills. Is it possible
that an organization learns faster when there is a good balance of
intellectual and social strengths on the team versus simply highly
intelligent people? You mention that Microsoft is learns very quickly?
How much do you think that has to do with a very strong direction about
where they are going which I perceive is provided by Bill Gates?

By the way, I appreciate your willingness to jump into controversial
topics. I think the intelligence thing is worth discussing from the
perspective of components comprise a "successful" learning organization.



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