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Tue, 03 Sep 1996 09:19:39

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I am still working at understanding what people are talking abut when they
are using the term unlearning ..........

>To effect real, lasting change, it seems to me that the change has to be
>felt at an emotional level in an individual. As to what triggers it, that
>could be one of many things. For example, a salesman faced with a
>succession of potential customers saying "it's the wrong product for this
>day and age" or a rival product manager watching the TV ad of Proctor &
>Gamble's new detergent and thinking "there goes this year's sales if I
>don't do something fast". Anyone else care to take up Keith's train of
>thought ?

Is it something like the notion of 'cognitive dissonance'? As I
understand it this it is when we become conscious that our actions and
beliefs are not aligned... or is it more complex in that we take into the
equation the external data ?

I am beginning to build an idea that it is a set of thinking processes
which enable/allow/prompt us to reframe the world around us and take on
new ways of thinking ... how is this more or different from learning - or
are we saying it is a necessary sub-process of learning...??

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