Unlearning (Habits vs. knowledge) LO9693

Mon, 2 Sep 1996 15:19:38 -0400

In a message dated 96-08-27 (LO9533) Jim Michmerhuizen writes:

>Well, maybe the "unlearning" operation we're referring to here consists
>of setting - or discovering - bounds to some previously unbounded (and I
>keep wanting to insert "projected" or "projective" here). So that the new
>truth we have to accept is not, formally,
> "A (which I used to believe without reservation) is FALSE" [1]
>but rather
> "A is false under conditions x,y, and z" [2]


You make your point well. This is what I was trying to say about
differentiating past circumstances from present ones for people to
"unlearn" emotional responses, only you've stated the idea with a more
formal logic. Your vocabulary prompts me to think we could take what
you've said and make it visual with a Venn diagram. (I won't even attempt
to illustrate it with AOL's text editor!)

Musing: Can we equate subdividing a set (in the logical/mathematical sense
of the word) with learning, or some aspect of learning? (I think
"knowledge-learning" could be equated with subsetting, but I'm not sure
about "habit-learning".)

-Jeff (BrooksJeff@AOL.com)



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