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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
02 Sep 96 16:12:52 EDT

Replying to LO9610 --

"Shailendra Kumar" <SK@anand.nddb.ernet.in> is looking for justification
for Internet discussion groups:

>This is a request to members of LO- Org list for help in
>determining the process for evolving a policy for internet and
>e- mail access to employees working in an organisation.
>A policy is needed to determine usage of a scarce and costly
>resource by different sections of the work group.

The underpinnings of such policy development will be based upon the
organizations' interest in intellectual capital development and management
as well as their propensity to take a leap of faith and their tendency not
to reinvent the wheel. While these sound like buzzwords, I am serious.

If the organization thinks they can invent anything better than finding
out from the experience of others, they should not be investing in LO
tools on the internet. People from such organizations will not naturally
share and so will not gain from te richness of idea-sharing possible here.

The current issue of Fortune has an insert that covers a lot of the issues
(September 9 - Competing in Knowledge - pg 138 to 172) including a piece
on LO with Skandia, HP and a white paper on business excellence, with
particular attention to the passage "What you know is as important as what
you produce" (Sample question: "Is there a separate learning organization
of knowledege management function in your organization?"

One of the better pieces in a business magazine. Cheers....Keith


Keith Cowan <72212.51@CompuServe.COM>

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