Role of Evaluation in LO LO9686

Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
02 Sep 96 14:33:18 EDT

Replying to LO9539 --

Hal Steinbeigle <> makes a point or a wish in response to what
I wrote:

>>...Long term change is possible through
>> repeated indoctrination and through selective hiring and firing, but,
>> even this is hard to measure.

>Responding to this portion of Keith's message I would argue that if
>executives have difficulty measuring the effects of their actions it is
>because the evaluation is poorly conceived, poorly executed, or poorly
>I don't believe the organization can truly learn unless it evaluates various
>programs effectively and regularly.

Hal. I am agree with your "belief" but I am speaking from experience with
various imperfect attempts at measurement of management effectiveness. How
would propose achieving your desired outcome. Please be specific so we can
discuss the pros and cons of your specific measurement techniques. Both
Rol and I were being pragmatic. Maybe we are missing something?

What measures of management effectiveness will help the organization learn
without disempowering the managers? Cheers....Keith


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