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Doug Reeler wrote

>These "shadows" of our OD practice cannot be wished away, nor can they be
through harder work, or better techniques. However, through exposing=20
them to the light we may utilise the very tensions they create and=20
thus immeasurably enrich our practice...=20

>"The shadow is that which we specifically and consciously do not=20

This shadow-concept is very effective when related to the way we build our
references. How we select the set of information on which our world view is
based is closely related to the shadows.

IMHO this concept is functionnal and relevant when trying to understand
personal inconsistency.Dicovering one's shadows can be a source of relief
and energy, since inconsitency often results in inner conflicts for which
there is a price to pay.

I am used to the idea that shadows unveiling is effective in the personal=
I would be interested in knowing how this can be applied to organisations,
and under=20
what promise they can buy it.

Frank Billot

L'exp=E9rience, ce n'est pas ce qui arrive =E0 l'individu.
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Experience is not what happens to an individual.=20
It is what the individual makes of what happens to him.
Aldous Huxley


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