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W.M. Deijmann (winfried@universal.nl)
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 00:56:29 +0200

Dear listmembers!

This week I had an interesting conversation with another consultant about
the "inside" of learningactivity.
He stated that learning "a sole cognitive activity of the brain" is, with
"intelligence" as a result. He also statet that intelligence is all you
need to keep a company in buisiness. On all his hand outs he uses to write:
THINKING IS DOING! He is a succesfull guy with a degree in
buisinessadministration and philosophy and working for some big
multinationals who are on their way to adopt the concept of the learning
Organisation. I was shocked and wondered what the ....... he was doing with
his clients.

I on my hand statet that "the inner activity of learning simular is to the
inner activity of judging situations with "experience" as a result. I came
up with some examples from my consultancy experience, but he just couldn't
see my point.
He didn't manage to -at least- understand my point of view and disagreed
totally. Afterwards when I tried to recapitulate what had happened in this
conversation I wondered how this almost total polarity of understanding how
human beings think, feel and act in this world can exist. I don't think
this is a matter of right or wrong and that something else is going on
here. But I cannot get my finger behind this. So I need some help on this
subject. What is learning?

Greetings from noisy Zutphen in Holland.
Right outside my backyard their is a popband celebrating the end of the
summerseason by singing "You neeeeeeeeever walk aloooooooooooone". And yes
the crowd joines on full power. Can you image what I am going through?

^ ^

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"An educated mind is useless without a focussed will and dangerous without
a loving heart" (unknown source)


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