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Sun, 1 Sep 1996 08:17:36 +1200

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Ben Compton wrote:

" I think an LO can be built regardless of the intelligence of the
individuals who comprise the organization. The issue, here, in my
mind, is one of speed. The higher the IQ the faster people will learn
(both individually and collectively)."

I'm afraid not. The evidence is that while it may be true that highly
'intelligent' (ie - high level performers in educational tests) people may
'learn' faster as individuals they are also:

* more likely to 'learn' the wrong thing
* once fixed on a wrong 'learning' track, they are less likely to take notice
of evidence that they are going the wrong way
* likely to be less able to participate constructively in developmental group
exercises of expansive learning.

For research evidence on this see the work of Engestrom, Cole and others at
UCSD and in Scandinavia. Or, for that matter, Dewey.

Phillip Capper
Centre for Research on Work, Education and Business
New Zealand


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