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Ray Evans Harrell - starts outs
>Hi Keith, naturally I agree with you. The development of the systems in
>the brain that create imagination in the visual, aural, kinesthetic,
>kinetic, chemical, haptic senses as well as the symbolizing processes are
>all time limited. Many have to happen before the child is ten and most
>before the teen years if they are to be expert in their skills. If this
>does not happen, then the adult simply will not perceive except on a very
>rudimentary level.....<major snip for Rick>

Wow, thanks for newsworthy contribution, Ray! I will check out the site
you referenced. A couple of points of emphasis. As you point out, the
chairmen of Sony have been educated in music not just electronics.

And as I emphasize in my paper, Sony bought Columbia, the source of
much "software" for their hardware.

Another interesting observation in the music world. For years, the three
tenors competed with each other and struggled for market. Then they
hit on the teamwork and systems thinking concept and The Three
Tenors was born as an enormous commercial success.

In a promotion of his collection in a recent CD, Placido Domingo is
touted as one of the three tenors! How's that for coming full circle!
The LA Colliseum event did more for music appreciation than most
recent general education programs...

(PS The Sony reference can be found at:
Thanks for the insights.


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