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John Sterman (jsterman@MIT.EDU)
Mon, 20 May 96 09:35:28

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Which system dynamics conference to go to this summer?

All three; but if you have to choose, here is one person's biased answer
(In the interest of full disclosure, I am presenting at all three and am
the program co-chair for the International System Dynamics Conference from
July 21-25).

1. The Power of ST conference is aimed at practitioners. There will be a
many presentations by consultants, along with presentations by
practitioners about the work they have done. Relatively few academics
will present or attend. The best forum to see what is happening in the
world of practice.

[Host's Note: The conf above is June 11-12 in Boston. Contact Pegasus
communications, 617-576-1231 or ...Rick]

2. The SDEP conference is for teachers, administrators, and just plain
folks seeking to introduce and nurture systems thinking and modeling in
their schools and communities. Expect lots of war stories and chances
to try out curricula and new materials. The pioneers in the field will
be there to share their experiences. The one to go to if you are
working in the schools or want to learn how to introduce systems
thinking in your community.

[Host Note: SDEP is July 17-19, contact Lees Stuntz,

3. The System Dynamics Society international conference [July 21-25] is the latest in the annual series of conferences the society
holds (next year: Istanbul; last year: Tokyo). Draws a highly
international group of system dynamics people, including the top academics
and also some practitioners. The place to be to hear from the top people
in the field and to learn about the state of the art in the theory and
applications of modeling. Over 200 papers have been accepted for
presentation; you can view a list and also get registration information at
the Virtual Proceedings of the 1996 International System Dynamics
Conference on the world wide web:

The virtual proceedings includes conference information, the registration
form, a list of the papers to be presented, and, ultimately, links to the
authors' work and related pages. The site is under construction, and
comments and questions are welcome.

Note that the SDEP and ISDC96 conferences have been scheduled in
successive weeks to allow folks to attend both.

[Host's Note: for further info on the ISDC96 conf, see the above web link
or write...
System Dynamics Conference
49 Bedford Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773


John Sterman

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