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Replying to LO7585 --

Bill Hobler in replying to my comments

>>So my overall conclusion is that there is no best design, but that a
>>systems perspective is a good one to start with.

was concerned about over systematisation..

>I agree as long as the systems allow for growing people and their ability
>to work collaboratively toward mutually agreed goals. Industry news seems
>re pleat with 'work flow' implemented by 'xyz' software. This is placing
>service and administrative people into the same work climate as the
>assembly line. It can and has been grossly missused.

I totally agree Bill. When I use the word system, I usually mean a
complete socio-technical system integrating HOF (human and org factors),
business (strategy, work etc.) and information. It was a dissapointment to
see products like Lotus Notes, that I though had great potential for being
used in one of important subsystems of an LO, namely the intelligence
gathering and interpretation subsystem, being mostly highjacked inot
production line workflow- it is just another example of turing our offices
into paperwork factories.

One of the most product groups I worked in was where we worked in all
these dimensions, helped by IT people, business and marketing poeple like
myself and some HR specialist and facilitators.

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