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Wed, 29 May 1996 05:36:40 GMT

Replying to Bill Hobler in LO7650 -- was Knowledge repository/"Intranet"

> ... snip ... Where is the
>organizational learning stored for use? There are many related questions,
>like, what knowledge is worth storing for a long time and what knowledge
>is short term in nature?

These are not trivial questions.

>In my opinion most organizational learning is stored in the minds of its
> ... snip ...

I agree that much of an organizations knowledge is stored within the
collective minds of its people. However, I believe that the sum total of
an organization's knowledge includes all knowledge that effects
organizational actions and decisions.

In saying this I would offer that there is conciderable organizational
knowledge developed and retained (learned) not only within the
organization, but outside of the organization as well. Examples would
include knowledge retained by customers (reflected as precieved
reliability), knowledge retained by investors (showing up as reputation),
knowledge retained by banks (reflected as precieved financial soundness),
etc.. The knowledge retained in such outside repositories (accurate or
not) influences many of the actions and decisions made within an

All of these external knowledge stores (recognized or not) are fed by the
knowledge development and learning processes. I would say that the bounds
of the learning organization need to address the full scope of knowledge
factors infuencing the organization.

What do the rest of you think?


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