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Christian Giroux wrote:

> to my mind was: "Most managers are control freaks, J-type. Did they become
> managers because they were control freaks ?" My first crack at the answer
> would be yeah, for most of them. And I think it's the very essence of this
> thread. Will Sr. Managers Change ?
> Like it was said a couple of times in this thread, most Sr. Managers were
> previously successful Managers that got promoted. Let me argue they also
> were control freaks before they became Sr. And (a big) part of their
> success was based on this control. But becoming Sr., this control has to
> operate a a greater scale - much more unpredictable and uncontrollable
> (another scary thing). And I don't know that many people who are so strong
> they can fundamentally change a deeply rooted key for previous success...
> However, alternative ways exist. We have to have successful leaders that
> aren't control freaks. Maybe they'll open the eyes of a few more. Maybe
> this 20-30% proportion can grow by the very fact that these "alternative"
> managers get this sacred Sr. in front of their title...(and hope THEY
> don't change).
> My main message here is DON'T GIVE UP !!!

I agree with your last statement. Having been a Sr. manager and now a
consultant working with Sr. management, I find that few if any managers
come to work in the AM thinking, "My main job is to make everyone
miserable." Most will describe themselves as fair, hard-working, able to
make the tough decision, etc. When Sr managers, or any of us, become aware
of what behaviors generate what results, we are able to change.I have
found that The Carlson Inventory provides this insight. Unlike the Myers
briggs, it focuses on behaviors which, by definition, can change.
Personality types (also by definition) do not.

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