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I believe the event described below is truly a unique learning opportunity
for yourself, your community and/or your clients.

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Presented by the Associaiton for Quality and Participation...
Practical Applications of Leading Edge Theory
Meg Wheatley and Peter Block
June 11 & 12, 1996
Colonial Hilton and Resort, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Today's management theories offer you approaches for addressing your
critical business issues. However, to more effectively transfer theory to
practical application, managers have a need for more personal interaction
with experienced and knowledgeable proponents of theses principles.

On June 11 and 12, AQP brings you together with Meg Wheatley and Peter
Block for a participative learning experience, unique in that it focuses
on your experiences. Their personal involvement in the sessions will
leave a distinctive "impression" on how you will address your business

Think of it as the reverse of a typical conference where there is minimal
time for dialogue and Q&A. The format will be structured around
challenges and issues which you will select and prepare prior to the

Meg and Peter will facilitate sessions in which you and your peers will
share these challenges and discuss specific applications and solutions.
The experience will be intensive and involving, with a combination of
large group, small team, and personal interaction.

This process begins the evolution of a learning community which will allow
continued communication with other participants even after the conference
concludes-a long lasting "impression"

Meg and Peter will be present during both days to share their experiences
and establish a framework for understanding and applying leading edge
theories in today's business environment where customer expectations are
expanding and the marketplace is shrinking.

As you are acutely aware, managers face critical challenges to meet
business goals, drive organizational change, satisfy customer demands,
improve employee effectiveness, increase productivity, and plan for the
future. Meg Wheatley and Peter Block are enthusiastic about working with
you to meet those challenges head on.

$1,295 AQP members
$1,495 Non-members
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