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>I wish it were as simple as _one_ avenue as proposed by John Warfield. It
>may very well be that "The avenue begins with the recognition that the
>infrastructure of the university is not organized to suport the kind of
>learning that is required."

I have to put in a caveat here. I didn't say anything was simple. What I
said was that this is where you begin. If you start at this spot, all
kinds of questions pop up right away, and that's where things get sticky.

I can tell you that I can walk you through the entire spectrum of the
institutional change that is needed, and show you examples of everything
that I would mention as we go. But that would take many hours, and many
foot-squared-minutes of email time, which no one one would want to bother
with, including me.

There are at least three universities who are in the very primitive stages
of considering what I am now calling the "Wandwaver Solution", and it will
take every last ounce of argument to get this pile of stuff assimilated in
the head; mainly because at every turn what is encountered is "you can't
do that because...", even though the evidence is clear that you can do it.

The real reason "you can't do that" is because you think that "you can't
do that". Give me a few million of the bucks that all the big foundations
waste "improving education", and I will do it.

John N. Warfield



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