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Fri, 24 May 96 11:08:32 EST

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If Price said:

> We have been living with a reinforcing loop of technology, culture
> and organisation for 2,000 [or 50,000] years. Every limit to growth
> has been breached, but how much longer can it go on? Can this list
> do anything to help a transition to a learning planet? I wish I knew
> but the question moves me.

Your question moves me also. A learning planet, not just a learning
organization. From everything I've read in this post, that's what
we're moving towards. As Paul Zane Pilzer analyzed in his book
"Unlimited Wealth" there's enough wealth for everyone to be wealthy.
It's just distributed to the very few.

Here's my answer to what people on this list can do! Continue
subscribing and discussing on this list. Continue sharing the ideas
that we discuss on this list with others in your local areas. Build
associations of like minded people. Avoid the negative influences
(the media in general) that surrounds us every day. Read books.
Watch TPN. Increase your value to yourself, your family and the
marketplace. Do one positive thing for your local area a week. Get
involved beyond your work, your family and your leisure. Write down
your goals. Write down your own lifework statement or mission
statement (not your company's, yours).

If every person on this list started doing the above, we could start a
movement that, like a ripple, would cause a major transformation of
ourselves, our family, our society and the world. I heard a story
I'll recount which demonstrates this fact.

" A man was on his deathbed and was looking back at what he
accomplished in his life. When he was a young man, he wanted to
change the world but didn't know how so he tried to change his
country. In his thirties he realized he couldn't change his country so
he tried to change his local community. In his forties he realized he
couldn't change his community so he tried to change his family. In
his fifties he realized he couldn't change his family so he stopped
trying, and he ended up on his deathbed where he realized, if he'd
only started by working on changing himself, then he could have
changed his family, which could have changed his community, which
could have changed his country, which could have changed the world.
If only he'd worked on himself. "

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves

'Miss a meal, but don't miss a book.' J Rohn


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