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As many of you are well aware, we are holding a conference this summer
July 17-19th at the lovely Wheaton College campus. The atmosphere of a
small New England college should be conducive to sharing of experiences
and information for the three days. We do still have room available at the
conference. The registrations are coming it rapidly now, at the rate of
20-30 a week. At the moment we have just over 150 people registered. The
cost for the conference is $285 (including food) plus accommodations.
There will be a $25 per person discount for groups of 3 or more. There are
dorm rooms available at reasonable rates.

These are all dorm( i.e. no private baths) accommodations, done on a first
come, first served basis:
Single-$17.00 @ night
Double- $14.00 @ night

We have wonderful keynote speakers lined up:
Michael Goodman ( Muddling through Models)
David Kreutzer ( Causal Loops and Hexagons)
Dennis Meadows (Use of Gaming as a Tool in Education)
George Richardson (Useful Insights from Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling)

Here is the most current draft schedule:

Wednesday, July 17-Friday, July 19
Wednesday, July 17

8:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:30 Introduction and brief overview of systems education in
K-12-Mary Scheetzand Lees Stuntz
10:30-12:00 "Muddling through Models"- Michael Goodman
1:00-4:00 Causal Loops and Hexagons - David Kreutzer
7:30-9:00 A variety of seminars
System Dynamics As a Common Language for Humanities and Sciences-CP
Snow's Two Cultures. Tim Joy
A Systems Approach to Introducing Systems Education-A Dynamic Systems
Organization for Falmouth's Public Schools. Gus Root and Grant
McGiffin-Falmouth ME.
A System Dynamics Science Fair. Ed Gallaher
What Does Systems Education Look Like in the Classroom? Jim Trierweiler,
Rob Quaden and Deb Lyneis-Carlisle, MA
Demonstration of Curricula Developed in the STACIN Project Chris O'Brien
Using Mapping and Modeling with Parents and Teachers. Tim Lucas
Using a Variety of Simulation Software- Model-It, MicroWorlds Project
Builder, and STELLA. Kathryn Verzoni and Shari Jackson.
Teaching Systems Education to Pre-Service Teachers. Albert Madwed
System Dynamics in K-12, An Overview from a Writer's Point of View. Allen
Boorstein and Andy Smith

Thursday, July 18

8:30-4:00 Sessions will include:
1. All Day Modeling Workshop-Participants bring their own computers. Jeff
Potash and John Heinbokel
2. System dynamics tools without computer: Causal Loops, Behavior Over Time
Graphs, Systems Archetypes and Stock/Flow diagrams -Teachers from the
Waters Grant Project
3. General Introduction to ST Tools for Students. Steve Kipp (GIST)
4. How Does Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Fit into English and the
Humanities? Tim Joy and Paula Ghiglieri.
5. Mapping Tools As a Precursor for Modeling. Tim Lucas
6. Teaching Modeling to Kids. Scott Guthrie and Diana Fisher
7. The Usefulness of ST Tools in the Elementary School. Nan Gill
8. Slinky Theory. Waters Grant Project
9. Using ST Tools to Build a Learning Organization. Tracy Benson, Joan Yates
10. Fish Banks As a Tool for the Classroom. Dessa Dancy
11. The Game of Stratagem. Dennis Meadows
12. Follow-Up from Fish Banks with the Tools from SDEP. MIT Students from
13. Using ST&DM in the High School Science and Math Curriculum. Diana
Fisher and Larry Weathers
14. Road Maps-What Is It and What Can You Use It For? SDEP Students
15. Using Systems Thinking Tools with At-Risk Students. Kathy Alexander And
Ron Zaraza
16. Working with a School System-From Causal Loops to a Model (Maybe 3
Hours). Don Seville and David Packer (GKA)
17. Why Don't Hispanic Students Go to College? Sam Sanchez and Students
18. Scenario Matrix As a Tool To Help Develop Robust Strategies. Mary
Scheetz and Nan Gill
19. Resources for Kids: What Resources Go into Building Models? Rich Langheim
20. Using ST Tools in the Elementary Curriculum. Tim Lucas
21. Introducing a Systems Education into the High School Curriculum. Will

8:00-12:00 Open computer lab- Interdisciplinary curricula. GIST with
help from Waters Grant and CCSTADUS
1:00-5:00 Open computer lab demonstrating Science and Math curricula.
Ron Zaraza, Diana Fisher, Al Powers
8:00PM-10:00- "Use of Gaming As a Tool in Education." Dennis Meadows

Friday, July 19

8:00- 10:00 Open computer lab demonstrating English and Social studies
curricula. Tim Joy, Paula Ghiglieri, Dorothy Johnson
8:30-10:00 Sessions (See Thursday list)
10:30-12:00 "Useful Insights from Systems Thinking and Dynamic
Modeling." George Richardson

You can e-mail this form back to me or send it in to Andi Millier, Creative
Learning Exchange, 1 Keefe Road, Acton, MA 01720, if you wish to register
for the conference.
If you do not happen to be on the Creative Learning Exchange's mailing list
and wish to be on it, just send it it back with your information and we
will put you on the mailing list.

___Yes, this is a registration for the conference.
___ I just want to be on your mailing list.
Participant Information


Name for Tag____________________________________________
Sch./Dist./Co. Name_______________________________________
Day Phone No._________________FAX______________________

E-mail address____________________________________________

Fees are payable by purchase order, check, or money order.
Make checks payable to: Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling (ST&DM)
Conference. Registrations will not be processed without accompanying
payment and complete information.

Registration Fees (per person)

Conference registration fee, includes
Group Discount (three or more): deduct $25 from above rates. Please submit
a completed registration form for each group member.

Accommodations (in a dorm with no private baths):

Double room ($14.00/night) rooming with_______________________________
for the nights of July 16___July 17___July18___
Single room ($17.00/night)
(Singles will be assigned on the basis of date of registration.)
Prefer a single, but will room with____________________________if there are
no singles available.

Hotel Reservations (if you do not wish to stay at Wheaton College)-Please
make your own.

Holiday Inn, Taunton, MA 508-823-0430, $69.00/night (Single), $79.00/night
(Double) plus tax. For conference rate, reservations must be made by July
1. Identify yourself as a conference attendee. The hotel is a 10 minute
drive from Wheaton.

Limousine Service from Logan Airport (Boston) to Norton: Pegasus Transportation
1-800-255-5451 for reservations, group rates are available.

Lees N. Stuntz Phone- 508-287-0070
1 Keefe Road Fax- 508-287-0080
Acton, MA 01720 e-mail-

-- (Lees Stuntz)

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