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Gordon wrote:

>The key here was that the approach was genuine and the manager's verbal
>and non-verbal signals were aligned/consistent. The process could have
>existed on paper but have been subverted in practice -- and your example
>of the implementation of the US Constitution brings immediately to mind
>the Soviet constitution of the former USSR. Isolated from its Stalin era
>context, no democrat could have failed to thrill at its ringing text; even
>Thomas Paine would have [likely] thought well of it. <snip>

>So if you are assuming genuine implementation, then I have drawn a red
>herring across your path and I apologize. The success of this "org chart
>as the direct report" required sustained, consistent work on the part of
>the manager to keep its vibrancy -- especially during times of stress
>(quarterly and annual closings, new product launches, etc.) when it would
>be all to easy to say, "OK, let's focus on the real stuff right now."


Couldn't agree with you more. The contrast you draw between the US and
Soviet constitutions (though I must admit to not having studied enough
Soviet history) is enlightening. I have great respect, knowing nothing
else, for the manager you've described. I've seen too many good ideas fall
into an "Eroding Goals" pattern in the face of urgency.

Marilyn Darling


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