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James P. Needham (jamesn@AZStarNet.com)
Mon, 20 May 1996 16:34:19 -0700

The President of my University attended the Business-Higher Education
Forum in February and reported the following attendee observations in a
recent Alumni Bulletin.

"College graduates may be better prepared than ever before in their
academic disciplines, but they too often lack the following essential

*The ability to work effectively in teams.
*The ability to work effectively with people of both genders and
diverse disciplines, cultures, races, religions and nationalities.
*The ability to think quickly, clearly, and critically.
*The ability quickly and easily to communicate effectively both
orally and in witting.
*The ability to appreciate the total enterprise, not just one of
its elements.
*The ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances.
*The ability to work without sacrifice of integrity, even in
corrupting environments."

This is not the first time that similar comments from the consumers of
our graduates have been made during the last three decades of our
educational crisis. This latest salvo begs answers of some clarifying

*Are these valid criticisms ?
*If so, who is responsible for these shortcomings?
*Do those deemed responsible realize that they are being held
*If so, do they accept this responsibility?
*If so, are they taking effective corrective action?


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