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Replying to Will Sr. Managers Change? LO7496

Terri raises some points that deserve an airing outside a thread which has
one of, I feel, the more righteous titles on the list.

She said


I believe very strongly that changing the status quo of business is vital
to changing society, and that the creation of a more just, more humane
society cannot come about without fundamental changes in our assumptions
concerning paid work (this is not to suggest, though, that this is the
only system that must be changed, only that it is one of several critical

===end quote======

I agree. In a finite, high techology, world where the wealth needed to
sustain societies does not require everyone to labour to produce it [we
have escaped subsistence industry as well as subsistence agriculture and
cannot produce beyond resource limits] we will not create a future worth
the name without rethinking fundamental assumtions concerning work. I just
wish I knew where that lead, previous experiments having largely failed. I
support Terri in asking for ideas, for the sake of a learning planet.
Comments anyone?

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