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The Learning Organization List has a WWW searching site!

Even if someone doesn't have easy access to the WWW, they can request
a copy of the description of searching; please see comments further
in this note.

The site is called "Searching for Online Information" and is an
introduction to searching rather than an actual search site. The
presentation is intended to be useful for different purposes;
however, there's a direct emphasis on searching for topics related to
learning organizations.

The next section has some technical search information; You can skip
forward to BACK TO THE TOPIC!

Before starting this note, I did some research in trying to find
references to three notes from the Learning Organization list
archives, one each from 1994, 1995, and 1996. For the purpose of
finding particular notes due to remembering something that someone
said, I'm not sure that searching can address that yet. I could not
find phrases from the notes I used. However, it brought to mind two
ways of limiting searches to Learning Organization list notes when
searching Alta Vista (

Both of these limits get about the same (if not the same) results.
The first requires the URL of the items found to include the basic
URL of the archive site; the other requires "Learning Org" to be in
the title of the HTML document.
title:"Learning Org"

Example searches +tqm
+title:"Learning Org" +tqm

The pluses in Alta Vista's simple (not Advanced) search require every
plus term to appear in each of the resulting items.

The URL for "Searching for Online Information" is

It is possible that some of the information may be difficult to
understand; however, I hope that the differences in knowledge between
people with different experience have been taken into account and
that the words will be of benefit to anyone who decides to visit.

The design is based on tables (though tables don't generally "appear"
through the presentation). Netscape 1.1+ and Internet Explorer 2.0 do
OK in dealing with tables. Netscape 2.0+ is needed for the "frames"
option. If a browser doesn't support tables, the display is not going
to be as easy to use.

There is a "simple text" option and that is just the words of the
file. I would be willing to send out copies of the words (via email),
if anyone requests them. (If I receive over 50 requests a day, I
might have a problem with that!)

Please give me comments. "Thank You" is a nice note to receive,
though I don't want to limit Your options! Specific requests will be
listened to. (General requests will be listened to, also :)

Rick, John O'Neill, John Warfield, and my boss have provided helpful
comments, however, errors are my own.

Rick is indirectly responsible for the "get me to the search on time"
option; he recommended easier access to actual searching early in the

John O'Neill asked for frames and then asked for the control frame to
be above the document. So, the idea came to mind of having an option
in the control frame to make it be either above or below the main
display. I don't think that I've ever seen that before!

John Warfield gave me the most response, and his observations have
quietly been incorporated and still influence my thinking.

I am willing to be more involved in helping others use the WWW (I'm
thinking of the most basic questions). If anyone has a question,
please ask (probably via email, not on the list).

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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