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Tobin Quereau (quereau@austin.cc.tx.us)
Sun, 19 May 1996 23:01:12 -0500 (CDT)

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On Sat, 18 May 1996, Jim Ross wrote:

> Could it be that change is happening.........they *are* listening, but the
> change is happening more slowly than we are expecting it to?


> What I've personally learned through all this is patience. The kind of
> fundamental change that is happening in business is going to take time.
> I've also become convinced that these changes are not the latest fad that
> will disappear in a few years. We are effecting some profound changes in
> the way companies are run. The transition will take years more before
> we'll really see any tangible effects.
> Another valuable lesson I've learned is that if I spend the time trying to
> understand where that other person is at when they resist change, I
> invariably find out that they resist the change for some basic
> reason....... ....they are scared (yep, they are human too).........they
> see themselves as losing what they have worked years for.....
> And when I realize this I'm also in the best position to help them.

Beautifully said, Jim. The other thought that this sparked in me is that
people "resist" when they do not know "how" to change or whether they will
be successful at something new. Both of those reactions are ones I can
certainly identify with and both can be eased by patient helpers.

Thanks for an eloquent reminder...


Tobin Quereau Austin Community College quereau@austin.cc.tx.us

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