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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
17 May 96 13:02:35 EDT

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Mike McMaster writes:

>..What is the "organisation" of the learning organisation. I keep
>hearing about behaviours but don't recall seeing anybody address the
>organisation as organisation.
>Any takers?

I have a strong bias against organization charts because they seldom
reflect what is really going on. Many organizations function effectively
in spite of their organization charts.

I would prefer to summarize attributes and behaviours because that is a
better way to characterize them. So openess and willingness to change and
measurements that show they are progressing towards their goals, and goals
that support a vision and the vision is widely-held and not just printed
on a card, placard or poster. The executives walk their talk and are
constantly looking for input. their actions reflect the collective
intelligence of their company. Most associates within the company feel
good about themselves, their peers and subordinates and their executives.
They like the company direction and would make the same decisions if they
had the chance.

How's that for a beginiing?


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